Broadcast #139: Emily Strachan and Kelly Hudson as Candace and Courtney Coblestein, of the
Paws For Applause Dog Training Center. Vimeo link:
Allen White deleted scene: "Ridley Township Youth" (Vimeo)
Adam Bozarth as 13th Ward Alderman Allen White (Vimeo)
#137: Rob Stern as Frosty Shop owner Craig Sanford (Vimeo)
Alex Trepanier deleted scene: "Pompousness" (Vimeo)
#136: Richard Grebanier as Political Cartoonist Alex Trepanier (Vimeo)
Ernie Gumboldt deleted scene: "Self-Pity Is Help-Pity" (Vimeo)
#135: Will Storie as Self-Help Expert Ernie Gumboldt (Vimeo)

Late Night Interview is a web comedy shot in NYC. Each episode's character is an invention of the guest performer. The contents of the interviews are almost entirely improvised.

I'm Benjamin Apple. I write and direct web shorts and perform longform improv in NYC. LNI is set in Ridley Township, PA, where I grew up. References to people and places are mainly fictionalized.